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Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

Florida Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dana talks with many women seeking a breast reduction in Florida. Being a female plastic surgeon often makes her an easier choice for women who are looking for a breast reduction in Florida

The process of breast reduction surgery is removing glandular breast tissue and fatty tissue from your chest. This can help eliminate both the psychological and physical stress of large heavy breasts. Breast reduction surgery has a very high patient satisfaction factor, because it makes lives better, helping to alleviate the issues of back, shoulder and neck pain, and even headaches.

Additionally, if you feel your breast and areola size should be more proportional to the rest of your body breast reduction surgery can do that. 


The vertical breast reduction procedure is done through a “lollipop” incision which goes around the areola and the front of the breast. This technique is used when a just a moderate amount of reduction is needed, as long as there’s not too much excess skin.


The Wise pattern breast reduction procedure results in a bit of an anchor-shaped scar, with the bottom part appearing in the fold under the breast were it isn't really visible. Even though this procedure removes the most skin, it also results in a longer scar.

Breast Augmentation

Over the years, more and more women have been opting for breast augmentation in Palm Beach Florida. 

Dr. Dana has built a reputation as one of the top female breast augmentation surgeons in the United States,  and one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Florida. She prides herself on offering outstanding surgical outcomes for every breast augmentation patient. In addition, she offers the more complex breast augmentation revisions with outcomes just as successful.

Even patients looking to get a breast augmentation in Miami will consider Dr. Dana to be the better choice for breast augmentation in Florida. 

Given our all female staff, and board certified female plastic surgeon, many women from South Florida seek us out because their comfort level with our practice is so high. That’s because, often, male plastic surgeons might attempt to give women implants they, as men, feel would be most attractive. 

Being a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Dana’s ability to understand women’s the perspective, understands the many reasons you might be considering breast augmentation.

(Note: Individual results from procedures cannot be guaranteed, and may vary between patients.)

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Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy

Dr. Dana has a built a reputation of being one of the top female surgeons in Palm Beach for breast reconstruction surgery. Over the years, breast reconstruction has become a focal point of our practice, and we've made it our mission to help every one of our patients look and feel beautiful.

We continually strive to give every one of  our patients the best possible experience. Dr. Dana prides herself on connecting with her patients, and takes as much time as you need to feel completely comfortable with the answers to your concerns. We hope you'll find the answers you're looking for on our website, or that you'll take a moment to contact us if you have further questions.



Breast Lift

(Mastopexy: breast lift surgery)

One of the most common cosmetic surgery in Florida, and in our practice, is breast lift surgery. Breast lift surgery is also known as Mastopexy, and it raises, and firms, your breasts by removing any extra skin and reshaping the breast tissue for a natural-looking shape.

Even if you're happy with the breast size you have, but don't how they sag, then a breast lift will most certainly give you the results you'd want. Making incisions on the breast is required for mastopexy, or breast lift surgery. But the incisions are subtle and are hidden as much as possible. 

While there are different types of incisions, the choice of which incision is best for you, is made based on the amount of lift you need, and the elasticity of your skin. Here are the three most common types of incisions.


The vertical mastopexy uses a “lollipop” incision which goes around the areola, then down the front and lower part of the breast.


This technique is used when just a moderate amount of lift is needed. However, there cannot be too much excess skin for t his technique. 


An anchor shaped scar results from the Wise pattern mastopexy, though the bottom part of the anchor lies in the fold under the breast. 

Breast Augmentation Revision

There’s a difference between patients who “want” this type of surgery and those who “need” it. 

Those who “want” breast augmentation revision surgery aren't experiencing complications. They simply want a different, or better, look, including a bigger breast size, or including a breast lift. This is an understandable desire after having kids.

Those who “need” surgery, usually have had some kind of complication related to the previous surgeons’ work. They either did something done incorrectly during recovery (such as not following restrictions), or because of bad scenario, because no matter how careful a surgeon and patient are, complications can occur, which are beyond their ability to control.

Breast implant revision surgery often involves either the removal, or replacement, of existing implants. Sometimes the procedure includes surgery on the breast, or the scar tissue layer which surrounds the implant. While many women are vaguely aware their implant probably needs to be replaced eventually, many aren't sure about the right time, or why, breast augmentation revision surgery is needed.

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Note: Individual results from procedures cannot be guaranteed, and may vary between patients.

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