Florida Breast Surgery
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If nature hasn’t been as kind to you as you’d like

talk with Florida cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dana Goldberg today.


Breast augmentation surgery can even improve on Mother Nature


Today, women have many so choices of surgeons for breast augmentation in Florida. Which is why you should look for one of the cosmetic surgeons in Florida, Dr. Dana Goldberg. She is also one of the few female plastic surgeons in Florida.

The key to finding the best Florida cosmetic surgery doctor is to find one who has an outstanding, successful practice with lots of happy patients. Because it’s not just about the cost of a breast augmentation in Florida, you need to consider: it’s seeing the work the plastic surgeon has done in that area. If you don’t love the results of their work, price won’t really matter.

We’ve successfully helped many women in South Florida with breast lift surgery and breast reduction procedures as well as breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. If you want to know the cost of breast augmentation in Florida, we can talk about your options. If you’ve lost firmness in your breasts after pregnancy, weight loss, or age, we'll help recreate the cleavage and help improve the size or shape of your breasts. 

Consider that breast augmentation can even make your outfits look sexier and bathing suits to fit better, because breast reconstruction surgery can even improve on Mother Nature. 

But breast reduction in Florida can also help alleviate the symptoms of back and shoulder pain, neck pain, and even headaches.

Learn about our expertise and the options offer by calling us today at (561) 691-8088 to learn more.


Meet Dr. Dana

Dr. Dana, a board certified female plastic surgeon, is one of few West Palm Beach plastic surgeons performing cosmetic surgery using the latest cosmetic surgery techniques. She has become known as one of the best plastic surgeons in Florida

The cosmetic surgery is performed in her practice is a fully accredited AAASF, or higher, accredited surgical facility. This ensures your comfort, safety, and reasonable Cosmetic Plastic Surgery costs.

Selecting any board certified West Palm Beach plastic surgeon is an important one for all patients. Dr. Dana has been an obvious choice among top West Palm Beach plastic surgeons for breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lifts. There are few female plastic surgeons Florida has to offer. 

Dr. Dana makes it a point to be a great listener. She’s committed to giving you as much time as you feel you need to be informed about your procedure.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re happy to assist you wherever you are in the decision-making process. We won’t try to sell you on having a procedure, nor to decide if cosmetic surgery is right for you. Only you can decide that. 

Consultations are scheduled with a $25 deposit, which we credit towards any of our skin care products, our facials, laser treatments, injectables, or (if you’re interested) surgical procedures.